30 June 2010


So way back in March, I posted this rant about how I hated my OB group. I felt bullied by them, as well as overly diagnosed and that they were forcing a lot of tests on me. Ultimately, after leaving several appointments in tears, I chose to leave and go to a new practise.

Fast forward to now. I was watching the news and saw something on a large, local OB being charged with inserting unapproved IUDs in various women. Turns out, it's my old OB, Ob-Gyn Associates, and the more I looked into it, the more I am really glad that I switched.

They were buying these IUDs from some 800 number, allegedly in Canada. They knew these weren't devices approved; according to the compliance order, they admitted so and then told the representative from Bayer to leave. Supposedly, they were also ordering these devices at a cut rate and then billing for what an approved IUD would have cost.

They are currently barred from inserting ANY IUDs and all the doctors, nurse practitioners, and midwives are under investigation by the medical board.

It makes me wonder what else was going on in that practise. They wanted me to have a minimum of two glucose tolerance tests, starting at 9 weeks. They were willing to diagnose me with gestational diabetes without any tests. I was told my blood pressure was "extremely high" without being given numbers and after being yelled at and that I needed to come in every other week and have monthly ultrasounds. In fact, I had an ultrasound at every appointment because both doctors I saw told me that they "didn't feel like" using a doppler to hear the heartbeat. My care level dropped with both doctors I saw as soon as I declined the extra tests.

How much of this was real and how much of this was fabricated to create a bigger bill? I know soon as I switched, my blood pressure was suddenly fine. They never mentioned the GTT; even at 26 weeks, they are not giving me too a hard time about having declined it.

Of course, to be fair, my current practise is on the list as having used unapproved IUDs, though for a month in 2009 and supposedly they used them in good faith, according to their lawyer. I can't decide if I feel better or worse because of that. I suppose the good thing is that my current OB is not barred from inserting IUDs and, far as I can tell, self-reported this issue. I suppose this also means that when I do get an IUD after the baby, it will definitely be an approved one, since I'm sure the state will be watching.


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  1. WHOA! That is messed up! I thought something was fishy when they were insisting!OMG!! that you get tested for GD so early. My doctor didn't do one until 28 weeks, and as far as I understand that's pretty standard practice. I'm glad that you got out of there!