23 March 2010

Oh, baby...

This week kicks off 12 weeks of gestating a new life and the official entry of my "safe" period, so it seems appropriate to kick off the blog this week, too. O hai, world, I'm knocked up!

The one thing I've learnt in the last 12 weeks is that whomever the Power That Be is has a really sick sense of humour. Pregnancy is the biggest bait and switch EVER. I mean, sex is awesome and then BOOM! You get pregnant: sick, hormonal, everything hurts, et cetera. And nature's all "Haha, gotcha, sucker! That's what you get for enjoying sex!"

Did you know that water has a smell? A gaggable smell? Who would have thought.

What I am loving is how the first trimester fatigue has cured my insomnia. Is this how the rest of the world sleeps? It is amazing being able to fall asleep within a half hour of going to bed without pills. I still can't swing the nap thing, but this is pretty great. 

I've already given up my pride. Starting in week 11, I developed pretty miserable tailbone pain. I mean it hurts to sit, stand, and walk. It also feels like my pelvis is going to split in half. Right now, I'm sitting on a nice, inflatable cushion that makes it just a tiny bit more bearable. Good thing I have another appointment coming soon, because I sort of need to walk to live life.

It's hard to believe that next week is the beginning of the next trimester. Time is flying.

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