09 September 2010

9 Months, huh?

I'm starting to wonder if the baby is going to insist on pushing to see if we can hit 10 months. I hit the start of 9 months pregnant on Tuesday and, aside from a few random contractions that generally show up when I'm driving or in the car, she's decided NOW that hey, this here uterus? It's pretty comfortable. Tomorrow's my first weekly appointment, so I assume I'll see if I'm dilated at all. I am guessing no.

U gets a kitten, I gets a kitten.
 We're finally getting to a point where I am not panicking that Hieronymus is going to come home and sleep in a laundry basket. Steven put the crib together over the long week-end and Vlad is taking the chance to test it out. The little cow is a gift from friends, but Vlad is convinced it's a kitten. Tuesday, he took it out from a basket, jumped into the crib, groomed it, and napped with it.

Omg, dis box is da greatest!
This was all part of my master plan. I'm not worried about the cats getting into her crib because they get bored with things quickly. When we first got her bassinet, they were in it constantly for about three days. By the end of a week? Not at all interested. I also have a wicker basket that Vlad particularly likes and I plan to put a towel in it and leave it out as a cat trap when the baby comes home. It never fails.

We're also pretty well stocked up on Essential Baby Supplies... or at least what I can seem to decipher are things we need. We ended up going with Burt's Bees for baby wash and lotion. While we don't know if she's going to have sensitive skin, I certainly do and need to be able to bathe her without breaking out in blisters and hives. I have wipes. Of course, I also realized I don't have a nose sucky thing or baby nail clippers, but hey, I've only been to Target once this week. I could go again.

We likewise have her carseat installed in the car and ready to be checked. Most of the furniture has been moved into place and the colours look great together. All that needs to be painted is the back of her door and the room will done. I even managed to wash a couple loads of baby clothes and all her diapers. In fact, I put most of the 0-6 months clothes away over the week-end.

Why yes, those ARE fat little birds.
But ssh, I haven't packed my hospital bag yet. I still need to pick up slippers and I'd like to get another pair of pyjamas to wear. My fat little bird obsession continues: I want this owl nightie I saw at Target.

I am noticing that I have a lot less energy than I did even two weeks ago. It's getting harder and harder for me to get out to do any kind of errands and the only places I tend to drive myself now are doctors' appointments. Even today, having my mum drive me to the store and doing a little painting meant that I needed a cat nap in the afternoon.

I'm still working on art for her room. I forgot how much I hate painting; I am a terrible painter. I also could only reach three of my brushes, none of which I could use for the whole piece, so I ended up JUST painting the birds before giving up for a while. Unfortunately, I also seem to be getting more back spasms from the angle I draw or paint at, so that means I might be printing some of my photographs rather than creating all new artwork for her room.

This week-end is our hospital tour (aka. what insurance WOULD pay for) and I am going to read a little more of the hypnobirthing book I bought since we aren't taking a birth class (aka. what insurance WOULD NOT pay for). I'm not sure I understand that either, but hey, I only pay a tonne of money so I can have insurance, what do I know?

At least it's finally cool enough that I can cook some meals to freeze and, God forbid, get some knitting done. I haven't knit anything since it got warm.

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