23 August 2010

Nursing Top = Sadface

It occurred to me today that at some point in the next 6 to 8 weeks, I will be squeezing my greasy little kitten out and at some point, a) I need to think about stuff for a hospital bag and b) I am going to feed said offspring with my glorious tracts of land. That means, at some point, I should probably think about buying a couple of nursing tops. I have two right now: one from the GAP that a friend of mine ordered and I thought was adorable and one the same friend gave me because it never fit her quite right. Both of which are, admittedly, pretty cool looking... as in, it's possible I would wear them on a regular basis, pre-pregnancy.
Should be easy to find tops like this, right?

Oh my God, internet. Apparently, those tops are the exception to the rule.

Not only that, but my usual go-to places have all of about 9 styles to chose from, half of which are the same top in different colours. Anything that's even vaguely stylish is expensive as hell. And, well, I'm on a very limited budget. 

There doesn't seem to be much on eBay, either.

I'm not trying to be super picky. I'm really not. I just don't want to wear cutesy pink florals, a tonne of ruffles, or those tops that have no shape and the obvious I AM NURSING lift-top just under the boobs. I understand that there is some sacrifice for functionality, but come on. Must I give up any sense of style because I'm having a baby? It's not fair to have to pay 50$ and up for a plain, black shirt, either. 

I've been finding a lot of the same problems getting nursing bras, too. First problem is that the biggest they seem to go up to is a G in American sizings. That's pretty much two sizes smaller than I wore pre-pregnancy-- my bras were a 36G, British sizing. Bravado goes up to and H/I, again in American sizes, but you basically have to get something that looks like a sports bra and goes up to your neck. That means it basically won't work under anything less than a turtleneck. 

Perhaps I was misinformed, but I thought nursing meant I was going to have Shiny New Mum cleavage. And if I have amazing cleavage, I want to show it off, not hide it. Why, then, would I not want a bra that I could wear with a fairly modest V neck? I understand the lack of underwire and blocked ducts, but why no pretty materials?

I have gotten lucky enough to find a couple nice bras (Hot Milk, Fayreform) in what I hope will be my size, but if not, I am out of luck since they were the biggest size I'd seen. (Update: my two Hot Milk bras arrived today, fit perfectly, and have room in the cups for expansion. They're also pretty sexy.) What do women who are larger than me do for nursing bras? Or do they simply not wear a bra, hope not to leak, or just not leave their house ever? 

Target may not be affording me an ability to find cute nursing bras, but they have been an amazing source of clearance items. Tuesday, I found a Baby Bjorn for Steven for half price and Thursday... Oh, Thursday... I found four FuzziBunz in medium for a grand total of 18.12$ Our Target apparently discounts heavily if something has been returned from the internet and I guess they assumed these would be hard to sell. Not to me!

We're doing well rounding out our stash of diapers. I would like to have maybe 10 more and Kawaii Baby is looking like where I want to get them from, as they're very affordable.

It's hard to believe she'll be here in about 6 weeks. It feels like we were just looking at the little pink plus on the pregnancy test and now, I'm watching her elbow me through my belly and we're getting the last few things set.

What were your must haves for a new baby?


  1. Hmmm, must haves. Desitin is awesome, especially for all the runny breastfeeding poop. Butt paste is good for general every day preventing, but if you already have some diaper rash, Desitin is the way to go. Blankets that are bigger than just the usual receiving blanket if you are going to swaddle. Those thin receiving blankets weren't big enough for swaddling, even from the beginning. A good baby monitor for when she was napping (because she was in the bassinet in our room at night for months). Sleepers and onesies. Don't bother with too many dresses, because they just ride up on them when they're that little. Mine was a projectile spitter, so lots of bibs and burp rags. :)

    Honestly, I only had one nursing bra. It was a lot cheaper for me to just buy a regular bra and hoist in up over my boob when I nursed. The middle of them stretch out pretty quickly, but it's a lot cheaper to replace a regular bra every couple months than to buy nursing bras in my large size. I also didn't buy a single nursing top, I just had a large blanket in the diaper bag for if we needed to nurse in public.

  2. I'll have to find a cloth diaper safe rash ointment, just in case. We do have liners, just in case, but I'm hoping to use those more for post-food poops. In theory, she should have less rashes with cloth (or so I hope!)

    The couple nursing bras I've gotten are actually cheaper than my regular bras. Though what you're saying is a great idea. Most of mine are plunge and hopefully after I'm established, I can go back to underwire and just lifting one out. I hate wireless bras.